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The Primal Story

Based on evolutionary theory, Primal Story draws on the power of nature to alleviate depression, anxiety and stress caused by modern day demands and built up environments.

Back when humans were evolving, our environments were much more natural, surrounded by greener landscapes and we had a much stronger connection to nature.  Fast forward to today's world and the vast majority of us are city dwellers - if we don't live there, we work there or at the very least have to venture out there every now and again. 

The bottom line is, our environment has evolved much quicker than us, as humans have, and this causes stress to the system, living in a built up environment without enough access to nature, working in dull office blocks and surrounded by roads, cars and air pollution.

If you've ever craved a drive to the country or agree with the saying "sea air clears the mind" then this is your body's primal instincts telling you to reconnect with nature. 

Primal Story aims to provide an instant, stress reducing connection to nature by combining the use of pure essential oils with meditation and mindfulness techniques. But, we don't stop there. Our guided meditation kits help you to manifest the life you want to live by using powerful visualisation techniques. Helping you to live your best life.

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