5 acts of mindfulness you can do today

Wanting to be mindful, but struggling to find the time or to know where to start? Well, then this blog is for you. We have compiled a list of 5 mindful acts that anyone can do, and will easily slot into even the most hectic of lifestyles. You can spend as much or as little time on these as you like, but the more frequently you can do them, the better you’re going to feel.

Have a mindful shower

Have a Mindful Shower

We all spend too much time in the shower, but this usually involves a lot of thinking and rumination about all the things that are happening in your life. Stop, breathe, and really take in every aspect of your time in the shower.

In order to feel the full benefits of mindfulness, it’s a good idea to awaken your senses and concentrate on everything that you’re experiencing in that moment:

  1. The smell of the shower gel
  2. The sound of the water
  3. The feel of the water as it hits your skin

Focussing on your senses allows your mind to quieten, pushing away all the worries and troubles out of your mind, leaving room only for you and that moment. Take your time and get out when you’re ready. You’ll find that your mind and body will have benefited for a bit of time out, and you’ll be calmer and more poised for the rest of the day, or you’ll have spectacular sleep - a bonus either way.

Relax and enjoy time with your favourite pet


If you don’t have a pet, go visit someone who does. If you have allergies, well, this one is not for you.

Similarly to the mindful shower this is all about taking time out with a pet, sometimes referred to as “pet therapy”. A cat is the best candidate for this as a cat purr helps to heal muscles, ligaments and tendons as well as lowering your stress levels and blood pressure. Sit quietly with your furry compadre and slowly stroke them, really concentrating on how their fur feels any noises that they make. Relax your mind and focus entirely on your furbaby. You’ll be feeling regenerated and more thankful in no time.  

Massage yourself 

Massage Yourself

Our busy and hectic lives don’t always allow us to enjoy the times we have when we’re basking in the post-wash glow, and we often rush full-body moisturisation, if it even gets done at all.

For this act of mindfulness, all you need to do is take a big scoop of your favourite body butter or a good few drops of your favourite essential oil and get to work massaging it into your skin. Don’t rush, just take your time and feel all the curves, hills and valleys of your body. Feel how the oil glides over your body and imagine it as a healing balm that takes away your ailments and leaves you feeling and looking youthful. Push all other thoughts out of your mind, and be in the moment. Make sure you breathe in deeply to take in the fragrance of your oil and in no time you will look, feel and be magical.

Get outside into nature

Get Out Into Nature

Nature is the physical aspect of the divine, so just by going outside you’ll immediately feel better. Try to go somewhere quiet with plenty of trees, but your own garden is fine if it’s a place that makes you feel happy and comfortable. If you can go barefoot, this is even better, as it allows you to connect to the earth.

Take a deep breath, and close your eyes. What can you smell? what can you hear? Focus on those aspects and really be in the moment, being thankful for what you’re experiencing. When you feel calmer, open your eyes and look around, drinking in your surroundings. Feel the solid ground beneath your feet, or put your hand on a tree and feel the bark beneath your fingers. Focus on what you can feel with every sense and you’ll feel calmer and more in tune with the world.

Count your blessings

Count Your Blessings

If you want to really fill your life with positivity and gratitude, take some time to count your blessings. This is best done first thing in a morning, as it will maximise your Gratitude and help you to have a really positive day - all day!

Grab a pen and a notepad and write down 10 things that you are thankful for, and why you’re thankful, in this format:

I am thankful for ______ because ______.

At first it may be hard to find ten things to be thankful for, but as soon as you get going you quickly realise that there is so much to be thankful for, from your strong beating heart that keeps you alive, to the moon, the stars and beyond. We have pulled together a few examples below to get you started:

I am thankful for my wonderful hearing because I love the sound of rain.
I am thankful for my job because it pays the bills and keeps a roof over our heads.
I am thankful for my hands because the allow me to feel, touch and be independent.

Once you have compiled your list, reread it and say the magic word “thank you” three times after each sentence. Three is a macial number, so by saying thank you three times, you're really maximising your gratitude, and the universe will listen. Repeat this process every morning, as early as you can, to ensure that you have the most magical day.


So there you have it, our quick list of mindful acts that can really help boost your day, put in a spring in your step and be the very best version of yourself. Put these mindful acts into practise and you’ll very soon be living your best life.