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Black Agate Mala Beads

Primal Story
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Like all black gemstones, Black Agate is a grounding and protecting crystal. This crystal represents the earth element, is related to our primal instincts and our connection to our bodies and the physical plane. 

Black agate gives its wearing the inner strength needed to move on, and is particularly useful for those during a period of bereavement. Providing resilience, self-control and quiet power it can be used to help recharge you when you're feeling emotionally drained.

Allowing you to open up your consciousness to your inner thoughts and feelings allowing you to recognise and release negative energy and emotions that are no longer serving you.

Reach for your Black Agate Mala bead when you're looking for courage or success, particularly in competitions, it's connection to the root chakra energies gives its wearing a dynamic presence as well as

Black Agate is also an excellent stone to wear during pregnancy, as it helps nurture new life alongside easing joint, bone and muscle pains. The hot energy of the gemstone also promotes fertility and eases menopausal symptoms.