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Teardrop Aroma Atomiser

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Electric aroma diffusers provide a safe and smoke-free way to fill your home with beautiful fragrance. The stylish design looks great in any home and also has a gorgeous backlit chamber which scrolls through 7 beautiful LED colours. Let the diffuser scroll through the colours, or choose one to match your decor.

To use, simply fill the chamber to the max line with water and add a few drops of an essential oil or blend of your choice. You'll be surprised how long your oils last when used in an ultrasonic diffuser. 

The Teardrop aroma diffuser can also be used without fragrance as a simple humidifier, helping to easy dry throats and congestion. 

The ultrasonic pump is extremely quiet on this model, meaning it can be used in any room of the house without causing disruption.

The teardrop diffuser comes with a power charging USB cord and can be charged through any USB port such as your laptop or phone charger.

This diffuser has a tank capacity of 235ml and switches off automatically as soon as the well has been emptied. 

Height:19cm, Width: 12cm, Weight: 256g