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Tiger Eye Mala Beads

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With a silk-like texture and unmistakable, warm hues of yellow and brown amongst streaks of rich honey, Tiger Eye is a powerful stone for resolving a crisis and bringing sharpness to one's inner vision.

Considered to be an "all-seeing, all-knowing eye", Tiger Eye is thought to grant its wearer clarity and the ability to observe all. Its an excellent choice for mediation and visualisation as it helps to stimulate the will and purpose of intention in order to manifest positive change in all aspects of your life life.

The stone promotes balance and harmony, and is particularly useful for soothing tension in relationships, especially tension caused by conflicting viewpoints. 

Tigers eye is also thought to protect its wearer from the negative intentions of others and help to increase perception in unfamiliar places/

Turn to your Tiger Eye Mala Beads when you're experiencing feelings of inadequacy, isolation or anxiety to help you persevere and overcome discouragement in challenging situations.